Fabrics and the process before making my Garments

  • Fabric - line drying to the left.

  • Completed garment to the right.

Before cutting and making my garments I soak the material in hot water to ensure that the fabric has preshrunk and that I can also assess colour fastness at this time. It also avoids that most annoying thing of when a new garment is first washed it pulls all out of shape due to shrinkage!

The fabric is then dried and ready for cutting and if there has been any movement the material can be cut correctly on the straight therefore avoiding that pulling out of shape after a wash.

Due to this process there should be no further shrinkage but please follow the washing instructions on the labels.

And also due to this process some fabrics may have a slight creasing to it which would normally appear once a new garment has been washed.

I do prefer natural fibres such as 100% Cotton, Merino and Linen. But these fabrics can be more work for the busy mum as they take a little more care in washing and looking after.

I have grandchildren who live on land and they need robust heavy duty garments that can be easily laundered and will withstand the hard wear that they are given. I therefore use other fabrics that are a blend and a fabric called Ponte, which keeps it shape, is robust and comfortable.

I do hope that there is a variety of garments that will suit all little ones from pretty sweet garments for special occasions to the overalls suited to the farm.

Any questions about the materials or any thing else please just ask via email.

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