Sizing for garments/hats & headbands

Babies differ in shape and sizes like all of us so this is a size guide based on average sizing: I try to give generous length in longs and overalls so you will get a good length of time wearing an item. If above average or below average on growth charts I would recommend to go up or down a size depending on your child to ensure you achieve a good fit. For hats/headbands and beanies, measure your babies head and remember there is stretch in the crocheted hats so the hat size is generally a little smaller than the head size for a neat fit or if you want a long wear time go slightly larger.

Sizes for Garments

NZ                           Approximate age 

0000                            0-3   Months

000                              3-6  Months

00                               6-9   Months

1                              12-18  Months

18 Months             18 Months to 2yr

2                                2 yr    Toddler

3                                3 yr    Toddler

4                                4 yr    Toddler

    Hat & Headband Sizing Guidelines:

                                              Head Circumference            Hat/Headband size

Size         0-3  Months      33-38cm  (13-15")         28-31cm (11-12")

Size         3-6   Months    38-43cm  (15-17")         33-36cm (13-14")

Size         6-12 Months    41-48cm  (16-19")         38-43cm (15-17")

Size         Toddler           46-48cm  (18-19")         41-46cm (16-18")

Size         Child               48-52cm ( 19-20.5")     43-48cm (17-19")       

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